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Can You Lose Weight By Slowing Down Your Eating?

The people who eat fast have no idea how the food tasted, and often they don’t realize that they are full.

Chew your Meal Slowly
In January 2014, A study published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics stated that when the meal is eaten slowly, then you might have consumed few calories from the meal.
This study had separated the subjects into two groups: one is “normal weight, ” and the other is “overweight/obese.” The intake of calories of these two subjects was compared with their speed of eating, and it was found that when the both groups ate slowly, they consumed fewer calories. It was been observed that the normal weight individuals had more chews per bite than those of overweight or obese individuals.

How is it possible?

If you are wondering about this that how can eating slowly can prevent the overeating, then let us discuss how does it work. When you eat very fast, the natural signaling process between the gut and the brain is thrown off. The hunger hormone, which is Ghrelin, is the one which is produced in the stomach and acts when one finds the food taste good. There is another hormone named leptin, which prevents one from overeating and suppresses hunger. It takes almost 20 minutes for your brain to signal the body to stop eating. So when you are eating fast, your body doesn’t  receive the message till it’s very late.

How Many Chews?

The process of food digestion starts in your mouth when you start chewing. The chewing breaks down the food and makes it easier for intestines to absorb the necessary nutrients. When you chew very fast, your body gets deprived of good nutrition. Approximately, you should have 30 and 40 chews per bite.

Mindful Eating

When you slow down the chewing process and increase the chews per bite, you will observe more zen eating. It will make you aware of the food you are eating and the quantity of the food. By this, eating experience will become more joyful, and it will not be a routine exercise. The benefits of slower eating are:

  • Better Food Taste and better experience of food texture, flavor, and aroma
  • Improves your food choices and you will incline towards natural foods instead of processed foods
  • Better Connection and longer time to enhance the social life
  • You won’t feel uncomfortable or overstuffed

How to achieve slow eating?

It takes time and practice to slow down your chewing. We have mentioned below some habits that help you to slow down your pace.

  • Take water breaks to slow down the ace and also to fill up your stomach
  • Before reloading the fork with next bite, chew and swallow the previous one
  • In between the bites, put your fork down
  • The high fiber foods require more chewing so you should add those in meals
  • Take smaller bites of food so that your brain gets enough time to signal the stomach
  • Adopt European style of serving meals in courses. By that, you may eat less.

Try to change your eating style slowly and make it last!

Addiction To Overtraining

Weight lifting and cardio exercises can be addictive. You reach your full potential and exert yourself fully towards this physical exertion. This specific ‘’high’’ feeling you get can be addictive than any other drug you can think of. The full potential you feel during your workout might become something that you crave for after the workout session as well. This can be dangerous and here is why;
Why is physical exercise so addictive?
Did you ever feel a burst of energy during the workout session? Did you ever feel so excited to accomplish your target strength right away? The feeling you get during this course can be so exciting that it can lift your spirits high.
When we exercise, endorphins are released in our bodies. Endorphin is responsible for that thrust of energy that we feel during the workout. Endorphins are called feel good chemicals because they give you this euphoric feeling. This chemical is known to reduce pain, and stress stops anxiety from taking over your mind and increases your tolerance for the strain.

Research suggests that most people crave for this euphoric thrush when something else is going on in their lives. Either they are depressed or lonely or holding a grudge when they want to get a high feeling. People with body image issues also spend a great deal both money wise and time wise in the gym. This condition prolongs so much so that they tend to over exert themselves. It is the same case as with anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa. People are just not satisfied with their body image.

For some people, being in the gym makes them feel good because it makes them feel in control of themselves. They might be facing problems at home or work where they feel out of control and less indulged so the gym is the place where they can put their frame of minds in the right direction. Because of this satisfied feeling, they tend to spend more and more time at the gym, thus over exerting themselves which is dangerous in many ways.
How to tell if you are addicted to spending time at the gym?

Below we are going to list some indicators which can help you identify whether you are addicted to training or not.

  • Always feeling thirsty
  • Muscle soreness even after a long rest
  • Get sick easily
  • Suffer from depression or insomnia
  • You spend more time talking about training than actually doing it
  • Feel anxious if you miss the workout session
  • You tend to feel good only if you appear good and satisfied with your body image.
  • You tend to work out alone rather than mixing up with family and friends

How can you overcome this addiction?

To deal with workout addiction you need to follow the same steps as when you want to tackle with any other addiction. The following tips can help:

  • Reduce the number of training you do. Set an optimal limit for yourself.
  • Always talk to a counselor or take professional help if something is bothering you.
  • Try a different workout routine that won’t allow you to get addictive.
  • Take some break to give your body rest.

The most important thing to deal with addiction is to find out and treat the root cause that is causing the addiction. Find out and treat that reason first the addiction will go away on its own.

Social Smokers Have The Same Risk Of Heart Disease As Everyday Smokers

Smoking is injurious to our health. It affects approximately every organ of our body. Smoking Cigarette causes deaths due to lung cancer to about 87 percent. It is also accountable for many other types of cancer and health issues. These inclusive of lung disease, stroke, a disease of heart and blood vessel, and cataracts. Your smoke is too harmful to the health of other people. Leaving smoking can lower your probability of health problems. The earlier you stop, the more the advantage.

Off-the-cuff smokers who only light up in societal situations have just as greater at risk for having cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure as regular smokers.

In the light of a study, researchers got to know that out of the almost 40,000 people observed about 10% acknowledged themselves as social smokers, which was demarcated as not smoking on a daily basis—around 17% said they do it on a regular basis. From that group of regular and casual smokers, the scientists came to know that about 75% were suffering from hypertension and 54% were having hypercholesterolemia, both of which intensify your probability of establishing heart disease.

Another study suggests that smoking should not at all be a part of your life. Even smoking in a public event is harmful to your heart health. In this study, one in 10 participants reported that they smoke now and then, and most of them are very young and even now on the road to heart disease. Consultants and nurses must make the patients aware of that smoking occasionally is still a major risk for health and is not a longstanding healthy option.

If you want to leave smoking or quit occasional smoking, have a look at the helpful guide of American Cancer Society to reducing the malodorous and harmful practice. Along with cessation of smoking, the writers note that formulating some easy changes regarding lifestyle behavior as therapy of aspirin, control over blood pressure, management of cholesterol, and management of stress can assist lower your chance of chronic disease if you have been smoking for a while.

Harms of smoking a cigarette:

Following are the happenings when we burn a cigarette:

  • Blood flow: Even though we may feel more comfortable when we smoke, our heart rate and blood pressure both upsurge, the pumping of heart happens differently, and the flow of blood to the capillaries reduces.
  • Carbon monoxide: Levels of Blood carbon monoxide enhances. Carbon monoxide covers the place of oxygen in some of your cells forming red blood, and it stays there on to the red cells for some time, stopping oxygen from being conceded by these cells.
  • Airway alterations: Other alterations happen in our air routes: the tiny cilia of the shape of the finger which keep airways pure of phlegm are shocked by chemicals in the smoke and contraction of little muscles in our airways occurs, which tighten them.
  • Immune system: There are also quantifiable alterations in the immune system. This makes you more prone to falling ill.

Beauty Secrets Of Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly is a well known name in the Television history. She is an intelligent woman and has worked as a Journalist, corporate defense attorney and is currently working as a TV news anchor with the NBC news. She has also worked for many years with the Fox news. Recently, there was a buzz in the industry after she revealed her beauty secret to the entire world. She is 45 now and looks like as if she is in her school days. Many women do want to know about the Shark Tank Skincare beauty products that make her skin look young and radiant. There are no visible lines on her forehead, near eye and mouth region. She looks absolutely young and stunning. Megyn has shared her beauty secret on live TV in front of millions of people. For those people who don’t know Kelly has been invited to the Dr.Oz show where she has revealed her beauty secret. Most of the people and beauty product manufacturing companies are shocked as kelly’s product is half the price of other product and is twice as effective as compared to other products.

Megyn also said do not undergo any kind of cosmetic surgery or Botox treatment as they can make your face look horrible. Cosmetic surgery is very expensive as compared to using these beauty products. Botox treatment is not long lasting; it provides you with only the temporary solution. She also said that now days she gets into the bed early and wakes up early in the morning. She has also quit all the bad habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol, eating junk food, using harmful beauty products and much more. She said that she uses Proprietary Bisophere and QuSome in her anti aging and anti wrinkle cream. A brief about both these ingredients are mentioned below.

Proprietary Bisophere: Proprietary Bisophere is a natural substance that is very effective in treating your aged and wrinkled skin. Continuous usage of this natural substance removes the signs of aging from your face, fades away the fine lines, makes the skin look long and tight, removes the wrinkles from your face as well as rejuvenates the skin cells from the face. This substance gets absorbed deep inside your skin tissues which heals the damaged skin cells as well as increases the growth of new young skin cells. It also improves the production of collagen in your skin which makes your skin look young and tight.

QuSome: QuSome is the second step towards improving the look and texture of your face. QuSome works as a catalyst which speeds up your skin rejuvenating process. QuSome is used along with Proprietary Bisophere and it boosts the production of new skin cells in your body. You can directly apply this substance to that region of your face where you want to reduce the wrinkles and fine lines. If you have fine lines on your forehead, then you can apply this substance on that area. QuSome will be absorbed by the skin and the healing process will be initiated inside your skin cells.